Project 52 - Assignment 1 Completed - Stranger Portrait

Project 52 - Assignment 1 Completed - Stranger Portrait

Thursday August 14, 2014

Our first assignment for project 52 was to photograph a stranger. Someone completely unknown to us, and I saw this as more of an assignment to push our comfort as a human more than creating a piece of work as a photographer.

I was once told by a friend of mine and a fantastic photographer Jonathan Willis, about how the forceful use of restraints and limitations can help empower you and force you to work outside of your box.

Having just had to send off my comfort zone lens for repair, and being restricted to using natural light as I move around the streets quickly made me very nervous. I forced myself to shoot with my Fujifilm x100s, this forced me to use a wide fixed lens @ 23mm taking away some of my creative comfort. Also deciding not to bring a single softbox and light with me was a big change and really forced me to work on seeing the light before I even approached the subject I was hoping to make a portrait of.

In the end after I built enough courage to go out, I had a great time, got to meet some really cool new people and created some great pieces. I got to offer a free family session to a nice guy who was in need and hopefully I can help give them something they couldn’t have otherwise afforded. I also had a car show to shoot that night, so while I was meeting these pin up models for the photobooth, I snapped off a couple images of two of the ladies and lit them with the Orbis Ring Flash. The ring flash is my guilty pleasure, and I wish I could use it all the time.

The next assignment – Flower still life image.

Cheers everyone