Project 52 - Assignment 3 Completed - Chef/Recipe

Project 52 - Assignment 3 Completed - Chef/Recipe

Thursday August 21, 2014

Last week the assignment was to photograph a chef or recipe. We wanted to create the feel of a @home TV show promo for this image and I think we nailed it. We had the opportunity to create either a portrait of a chef or still life / food shot. We wanted to do both and see what came out better.

My team was instrumental in creating the balanced food styling and this really worked to setup the shot before the chef even stepped on set. They rocked this setup!

Hope you enjoy the images, let me know what you think!

- Justin

The completed meal, Chicken with fresh veggies and a very tasty sauce.
I liked it on the counter
Submission 1
Submission 2
BTS Setup : Softbox lighting the food from above and feathering the light on the chef for the portrait. We have a hair-light in the back bouncing off the ceiling to create a realistic light as if from a light fixture and give some highlight to the cabinets.