Project 52 - Assignment 5 Completed - Local Business Entrepreneur

Project 52 - Assignment 5 Completed - Local Business Entrepreneur

Tuesday September 02, 2014

This assignment came in via a well known magazine requesting 2 images for a spread or possible cover image for a local entrepreneur.

I knew right away I wanted to make a picture of Richard Brown. He is one of the managing partners at Emerge Technologies. Emerge is a local IT company that specializes in various technology solutions for small to enterprise sized businesses. They have been in business for 10 years now and are still growing. They keep a relatively small staff to ensure that all support provided to the customers is the highest quality, which in turn also allows them to have a very fun and enjoyable culture.

It was a pleasure to work with Richard and he had a great time showing me some of the new technology. As with all executive level clients, time is typically critical and we only had 1 hour to really push out at least 6 different editorial setups and some head shots for Richard to use when requested by publications or for online services such as LinkedIn.

Almost everything was shot f/2.8 with a 2 light setup of a 28' soft-box Key (1/4) and separation light gridded hot shoe (@1/16) two stops lower than the key.

Here are some of the images and the Lead image along the top is the template that was required to turn in for the class.

More images coming soon..