Shaking off the cobwebs

Shaking off the cobwebs

Friday August 01, 2014

I haven’t used this since the first post.. Now that’s sad, but now I am making some changes and going to push my life forward in the most positive ways.

I have recently joined a workshop called project 52, which is a year long workshop with weekly classes and assignments. I am going to use the blog to keep me motivated. I will be posting images and the process behind each assignment.

Assignment one is : Photographing a stranger.

I have been sitting in this restaurant for two hours drinking coffee and can’t stop this nervousness filling me up before I go and start to find people to make an image of. I sit here nervous but my wife told me two days ago, you meet complete strangers all the time at your other job and when clients contact our studio.

This is probably the hardest thing for me to do and overcome.

The idea of who I make an image of? What am I looking for? Should I make it more than just random people? Should I light it? Natural light just on the street?

These are all decisions to be made to make an image in my style. My next post will be with some successful portraits I created and the setups if I end up lighting them.

Tomorrow’s my birthday. Now is the time to make change!

Cheers everyone